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Deployment of new site

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 1:52 PM MDT

Today, I am proud to present version 2.0.0 of While this isn't really the 2nd version - there have been countless versions made over the past 20 years - this is the 2nd major release since I started tracking release numbers.

Looking around this site shows that it is clearly very bare-bones. I have not yet migrated much of the content from the previous site, as pretty much everything needs to be re-written. However, the last version of 1.0 lives on in case you want to revisit that insanely outdated content. I will caution all who visit the old site that there are likely a high number of links that simply won't work, due to the way it was constructed. Those old links may still point to, which is the new site. If you happen across a link that doesn't work - which is highly probable - it will bring you back to this site to a generic error page. If this happens, change to, and it should work.

One day, I may update those links so that isn't a problem. Alternately, I'll just remove the old version entirely - which will happen regardless once everything is migrated. This is meant as a stopgap only. No support requests will be filled for the archived site.

In addition, a number of old subdomains have been deactivated. These include (The final archive I took of the Temple of the Screaming Electron forum before it was taken offline by the creator), subdomains that point to various social media accounts including,, and, and several others that do not serve any useful purpose anymore. These will not be resuscitated for any reason.

I'm not really sure what the future will hold for, since I'm planning to use the domain with my first/last name for my professional profile. I'm not going to speculate publicly about the future either - it seems every time I do that, I forget about this site for a few years, and never deliver what I speculate about. Just know that there are plans percolating as we speak, but the first step is to remove some of the old crap (seriously, I've been 'maintaining' the same codebase for over 13 years, that's nearly half my life) and begin rebuilding. Cheers.

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