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Double. You. Tee. Eff. srsly?

Friday, September 11th, 2009 12:00 AM MDT

Oh yeah, it's true.

Version 1.0.0 is finally coming to a screen near you. This revision, quite a long time in the making (4 years, by the way!) features PHP coding on the backend, making things a little less failtastic when I need to change one little thing on a sidebar or header or some other tiny thing. We are approaching the 350th revision as well with this update, so I suppose this probably should have been done a while ago...

This version will probably be the last one in which content changes create a revision change. Let's face it, many things have passed since the time I started updating. Back in the day (4-6 years ago), the only way for me to update was by exporting the site to a flash drive at night and publish it via FTP at school. Now that the repository is on teh tubez, and I have a broadband connection at home, I can push changes very easily, making revision number changes pointless for content pushes. Therefore, the only time revision numbers will change will be when I make a layout or other presentational change.

What's next? A review of all content, cutting where it needs to be cut, modifying where needed, and adding more detail as needed. After that I'll probably work on expanding the selection of themes, as well as creating new and frankly more interesting effects. However, most of the work for now will probably center on the family website, since that code hasn't been changed over to PHP.

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