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What's all this shit?

Monday, November 3rd, 2008 12:00 AM MST

And you thought this website was actually validated code.

That may have been true at one point. However, since that time the underlying HTML, CSS, JS, and all the other random web technologies I'll played with have left their mark in the code. Some of it is nothing the browser could ever see again; it's published in the SVN archive, hopefully never to be looked upon again. However, that doesn't change the fact that I rebuilt this site from the ground up. Its original version barely passed HTML 4.0 specs and it had a ton of proprietary tags.

All of that has now changed. Pages that have been verified have both of the W3C's badges displayed at the bottom of them, next to the Trillian status indicator. So far, the only page to actually sport this change is this index.php. Yes, it took a fair amount of work. Was it worth it? I think good, clean code is always worth it. Expect to see more of these badges floating around here soon.

In addition to validation of the entire site, I am still working on converting absolutely every page to PHP rather than straight HTML. Also I noticed, most of the additional skins don't have the proper classes for the random quote in the header. Hopefully I'll have that fixed soon here. I still haven't moved anything over to - I do still plan to do that. Of course, we are entering the busy holiday season in the retail world, meaning more and more of my time will be eaten by work - which is a good thing, since then I'll have money to pay bills and such.

Hopefully I don't wait another half year to update this again. I hope I'll be able to post on the 3rd year anniversary since this site got imported to SVN, which is on Jan. 16. I also plan on putting something up about the election, today or tomorrow.

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