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New Project

Sunday, April 20th, 2008 12:00 AM MDT

My new project for this site is a little reorganization. I'm going to separate some things a bit. The bulk of what's hosted at, including the blog and this particular site, will be moving to the domain.

What does that mean for you? Probably not much, since I will be creating redirects and so forth so everything can be found. However, if you have any links or bookmarks to this website, please be prepared to change them. I will try to post here when I have a timeframe for moving everything. It'll take a while before I'm ready, since I have to ensure all the links won't break.

The blog should be easy to move, I may even do that today. All I need to do is configure Wordpress to the new domain, move the files, change my automatic updates to Wordpress, setup the new domain, and turn the old one into a redirect domain. This site may be a little more difficult, since it's been hard-coded to the domain for YEARS. I've been trying to fix that for some time (that's part of the reason I changed the site to PHP), but it's still daunting - I have some pages I haven't even LOOKED at in 2 years, let alone converted to PHP.

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