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Tuesday, March 7th, 2006 12:00 AM MST

mattfast1 - the fast one is proud to present the newest in the series of Sho's Damaged animations. This one, version 2, features a different storyline with different music, but it's clearly a continuation. Watch the first one, then head on over to the second.

In other news, Foamy the Squirrel is coming soon to mattfast1 - the fast one. You know Foamy best from Neurotically Yours, the centerpiece of Well, this same squirrel is soon to be featured on mattfast1 - we're just working on generating the HTML code that will display Foamy to you, and hope to have all the animations up and running by the next release later this week.

The naming convention to get to many of my pages is changing, too. To head over to my deviantART page, please hit or If you're more of a myspace person, head to That's all I've got set up for now, but definitely look for some of my places around the web to be coming to subdomains near you today! (editor's note - these subdomains no longer exist, and frankly none of the sites mentioned have been updated by me in years. 2016-08-17)

But wait - there's more! Today, we have added the Mantis Bugtracker to our site, which will help us manage problems reported by our users better, not to mention manage feedback. Everything gets where it needs to go quickly, and we can start showing bug numbers (EX: 0000001) in our version control logs, so all users can delve into the issue to their satisfaction and know that their comments were received, categorized, and fixed. The bugtracker also allows users to sponsor a particular issue. The more money received upon the fixing of something, more likely it's going to happen. You can donate any amount, as long as it's over $5.

To get started with Mantis Bugtracker, visit the signup page and create an account. Note that you MUST use a valid email account - otherwise you won't get your password. Emails entered here will never be spammed - their uses are all automated by the program (in which users can set notification levels); also, these email addresses are what I use to demand money in response to any sponsored issues being fixed. There is an anonymous login option; however, you will not be able to enter reports using that account. (editor's note - this has been removed due to non-use. 2016-08-17)


Thursday, March 2nd, 2006 12:00 AM MST

We're not doing much, thanks to being sick for a while. More information is available in the release notes.

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