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Development Resumed

Thursday, August 25th, 2005 12:00 AM MDT

I have restarted active development on this site yet again, after using a hiatus to take care of a few things, most notably graduation, moving to a new webhost (and domain), enrolling in college, getting a job, and just generally trying to transition.

So I moved my main blog over to Wordpress, and I don't foresee myself moving away anytime soon. I absolutely love Wordpress, even to the point that I may modify the software to support this site. Fear not, it will actually be extensively tested and tweaked before a conversion is made to wordpress, so for now, we're just going to have to live with the current site.

I've started working with the files once again, but now I notice that it's impossible for me to make the shared borders show up on my pages except in frontpage. That's a bit of a problem, since the shared border houses the large and in charge menu at the side. Without the borders, I would have to convert everything to PHP or use some other scripting language to make things work.

I just hope I can get that problem fixed. I really don't want to have to move the entire site to a scripting language simply because of a silly little problem with FrontPage.

UPDATE 01/05/06: I've moved the code over into Javascript. Expect more features soon!

UPDATE 09/09/09: The code is now using a combination of PHP, Javascript, XHTML, and CSS.

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