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Greaseball Shitcanned

Thursday, October 7th, 2004 12:00 AM MDT

This will be a short post, but here goes.

Soon, I will be converting these posts to posts in a new blog. Then, I'm going to turn the front page of this web site into the blog, stopping me from needing to edit HTML simply to create a new post on the web site that would be really be done better with a blog-type piece of software anyway, and probably should have been set up that way in the first place. That way, if I ever feel the need, I'll add more staff, and then they can post here too.

Don't worry, you'll still see the same great content all four of my regular visitors have come to know and love. It's just the way I edit the site that is going to change. Eventually, I may move the entire thing to a Content Management System, such as PHP-nuke. However, that is a long way down the road, because if I do that, I have to re-create this template for that. Perhaps, once all is said and done, I'll only have a few files associated with this site, and most of the contents will reside in a database.

My Baby (the internet), she lives!

Saturday, October 2nd, 2004 12:00 AM MDT

Last night, my parents both went up to Evergreen to an establishment known as The Little Bear to watch a friend of a co-worker of my mother's play, leaving me alone in the house with their computer and their entire lifetime's passwords. I worked through the list, trying to crack at least one of their accounts, and cracked one of my mother's passwords extremely quickly, landing the correct password on the third try. This proves for all time that my mother doesn't have any imagination: this is a password she's used before.

Then, today, even though I now set AOL back up on my computer, I went to Southglenn Library to surf the internet in high speed while my parents are at the cabin for the weekend and... wait, I feel like I've written this before. Oh, right, this is in my LiveJournal. Well, since I'm too lazy to post it in two places, you will have to go there to read the rest of this. The hyperlink follows.

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